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Composition No. 12 with Blue by Piet Mondrian, 1936-1942

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The Rados House in Los Angeles was designed by Richard Neutra in 1958.

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Architect João Batista Vilanova Artigas’ Home in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Batista in 1949.

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UFO Flying Saucers #4, November 1974

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Opus 103 by Hans Hinterreiter, 1959

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Parkstück by Gerhard Richter, 1971

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A Woman Under The Influence, 1974

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, 1969

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Maison Louis Carré in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France, was designed by Alvar Aalto in 1956.

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Villa Chapultepec in México was designed by Manuel González Rul in 1968.

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Famous Malted Milk, NYC, 1947. Photo by Ruth Orkin.

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Nordmende Spectra Futura Speakers designed by Raymond Loewy in 1968.

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1968 Renault A110

1968 Renault A110

Dinamica Circolare 9B by Marina Apollonio, 1969.

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Marcello Mastroiani, 1960

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